IMG_9890After months of research and costing, our catering menu is now ready! And you can download it here!


Every job we do, no matter how small, we do with love for the food and for the event as a whole. Using seasonal produce, makes our food better for you, better for the environment and healthier too. We use local suppliers to cut down on air miles and to support the local economy, and we buy from sustainable sources whenever possible. At pao! we make everything from scratch – from Vietnamese summer rolls, pot-sticker dumplings and our beloved kimchi. We make our owns pickles, marinades and sauces and we cure our own meat and fish.

You can choose anything you like from the menu of course, but we also offer a tailor made service where we create a menu with you!

So whether you have a delegate lunch and are sick of sandwich platters, want something that going to keep people awake and alert through the afternoon, or you are planning a private dinner for you and your friends, maybe you are getting married, perhaps you want a less boring buffet for the christening, perhaps you want to impress with private chefs in a spectacular location, how about a BBQ where you can talk to your guests instead of hovering over the coals, you might be throwing a cocktail party and need some beautiful canapés – we can do all of it!

We can turn up anywhere, with camping stoves, ingredients and a trestle table and feed the five thousand, or provide delicate and elegant dishes for a dozen of you – and pretty much anything in between!

The menu will provide a good indication of the style of food you can expect from us, we have deliberately not included prices, not because we are being sneaky, but because we want to use your budget as a starting point and take it from there!

Over time we have collected a large database of recipes, so if you can’ find what you are looking for in the catering menu, chances are we can still make it for you! Our research skills are honed, so if you had an unforgettable food experience in the East back in the day that you would love to replicate – we will certainly do our best to recreate those memories.

We want everyone to enjoy our food, but you can’t please all the people all the time, so we have developed recipes that can be adapted to suit hearty meat eaters, strict vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, the lactose intolerant, the gluten free ones and those with a more delicate palate, who usually don’t go for Asian food.

Our central aim with our catering is that you get what suits your needs for your event – which is why we want to talk to you, to get an understanding of what is important to you. We tailor to you – you tell us what you want and what the budget is: if you want the streetfood vibe, we can serve our food in take-away containers (recycled and biodegradable of course!), if it is something a little more refined, we have our own collection of odd and beautiful Asian crockery that will make your meal really special. If it is a buffet you are after, we can do that too, prices varying depending on the complexity of your menu, staffing requirements, resources and conditions of the site or venue where you are hosting your event, etc. Don’t worry, there is always a way!DSC_0893

For larger and bespoke events, we offer a tasting of the selected dishes, we can deliver like a takeaway; or we can make a meal of it and have a tasting where the pao! team rock up at your house and cook, serve and tidy up after you and your family and friends. We will also offer scheduled tastings 2-3 times per year, so sign up to our mailing list now to hear about the next one!