The central aim has remained the same since day one: fresh, seasonal food, with bold flavours – food rich with a sense of fun and adventure, that has the added bonus of doing you good.

We want to be in a position to provide viable careers for people, provide training and apprenticeships, and ensure that anyone helping us out gets fed, watered, appreciated and encouraged. Hospitality is notorious for its long hours, unhealthy lifestyles, unsociable shift patterns and poor financial rewards, job security and benefits – we want to be different.



I have been itching to run my own business for a long time. I am a self-taught chef, learning on the job in some crazy high-end kitchens.

Back in the day, I worked as a photographer and contributor for Gigwise, while I supported myself by working in hospitality, both front-of-house and in kitchens. I have a degree in European Studies & French from Edge Hill in addition to a B-TEC in Photography from Liverpool Community College.

The Asian influence comes from my travels in the Far East, where I was blown away by the food culture. I am passionate about food and its power to improve our lives, which is why we harp on about food power like gastro-evangelists. Some of what you fancy can do you a world of good, but a poor diet doesn’t just affect physical health, it impacts on mental and emotional health too. And since we tend to eat better together, our diets have great social implications as well.



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