Asian street food company, trading for 1 year & 1/2. Initially trading from a rented trailer in the Baltic, Pao! has slowly creeped into the world of catering, doing pop ups, collabs and supperclubs along the way, spreading the Asian Streetfood love.

Pao! philosophy is that you are what you eat, fast food needn’t be greasy and processed. We can cater for GF, vegans veggies and meat lovers alike, without compromising on flavour, or nutritional content!

With a residency at The Sandon catering to the footy crowd at Anfield, intimate birthday lunches, weddings, corporate networking events, christenings, pao has rocked up with their camping stove and whipping up a catering storm to feed the masses, flling you up without slowing you down!

We are proud winners of Merseyside Independant Business Awards, in the Best Start Up Category. Onwards & Upwards!

Give us a call if you have any event/catering enquiries.


Telephone: 07490991777


Back in July 2014, Shelly asked Mia to help her start a stall that could mark the beginning of a street food revolution in Liverpool – delicious, interesting and unpretentious food made with the best quality ingredients for a reasonable price; made and presented with love and care by happy people who are encouraged and appreciated at work. No biggie then…

Shelly’s dream of running her own place, making the food she loves and admires, was honed during a recent trip to the Far East – where she had first become obsessed with the food as part of the wider culture in her early twenties. In Asian cuisines, distinct and delicious flavours are integrated into the society at large, social- and family life, as well as being integral in maintaining physical health and general well-being.

After the ups and downs of finding our feet in the Baltic Triangle, Pao found a temporary home at District. So, from May to September 2015, we set up shop in the old Trenchtown Truck and offerered lunches and snacks to one and all.

Asian food is great for anyone avoiding gluten or dairy, and most of our food is fantastic for vegans and vegetarians too. The way we serve our food is modular – we provide a base and you build your own meal by adding items, so there is always something for those of us who are partial to a bit of meat or fish too! And, because of the way we prepare our food, assembly and service is lightening fast. Giving you speedy, delicious and fresh food every lunch-time.

In fact, Pao means “run” in Mandarin Chinese and we love the way it sounds like “pow” in a punch-the-air kind of a way, and hope that you will feel the same way after eating our food. Pao’s food is a celebration of the extraordinary flavours of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, Japan and China. Pao! offers fresh and colourful dishes with big and bold flavours, using only the best seasonal ingredients – the stuff that fills you up, but doesn’t slow you down!

Pao’s food is prepared fresh every day using traditional Asian techniques, coupled with some Western and modern practices – little twists that make it our own. Research is key, doing things the right way and for the right reasons is very important to us. We use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, and we are committed to seasonality too – not only does seasonal taste better, it is better for you, and as an almost unnecessary bonus, it is much better for the environment as well! We have picked suppliers who share our ethos of quality and sustainability.

We are pretty serious about sustainability on every level at Pao. Both Shelly, Anna and Mia have worked in high-end establishments where the food is king – which is how it should be, however, when the ingredients enjoy better conditions and get treated with more respect than the staff, something is going terribly wrong. Pao’s stands firmly by “best practice” guidelines as an employer, training provider, client, supplier and collaborator.

Pao’s rationale is all about collaboration and being outward-looking, interested, generous and engaged. We are ready – so bring it on!


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