All the things…

Long time, no blog. So sorry about that, but it has been super hectic chez Pao! recently.

The most exciting and brilliant thing is that we have found a home! We are going to be setting up at Make Liverpool next to Invisible Wind Factory in the north Liverpool docks. We are working closely with the Make guys and The Beautiful Ideas Company on getting up and running.

We have also been catering here there and everywhere but are going to do some public events.

So here’s when Pao! is open to the public in the next couple of months:

Sound City 2016

Saturday 28th May – We are open at our new home on Regent Street by Make Liverpool and Invisible Wind Factory, to catch the Sound City traffic. We will be open from 3pm to 1am!

Independent Liverpool Food & Drink Festival

9th & 10th July – We are back at Independent Liverpool’s Food & Drink Festival – The Carnival Edition! Taking place in the Great Baltic Warehouse on Greenland Street the festival runs across the two days and is open 12noon to 11pm.

We have a nice and steady stream of catering jobs coming in, and if you need food for an event, you can find our catering menu here.

We hope to see you tomorrow and again in July!


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