“Good Continuation”, is what us Swedes say at this peculiar time of year between Christmas and New Year. I guess it is a reasonably chirpy thing to wish others if they are indeed having a festive season full of cheer, and not something you would wish on someone with a bit of a heavy salad on their plate or anyone in the third week of February, when nothing seems like it will ever be ok again…

And although I bloody love Christmas and all the eating, drinking and lolloping around – it has to end for all our sakes, because if it did continue many of us would develop gout and type 2 diabetes rapidly, and in tandem. 

I will still be here in my Scandinavian motherland at New Year, wishing for the good kind of snow with my nephew and nieces. If I wasn’t doing that, I would be at the Kazimier celebrating the Escape to Planet Kronos with you guys! Well, I would be there with my sisters from different misters, Shelly and Anna, feeding you guys with Pao! goodness.

We will be in our own stall in the garden, serving up the kind of tasty treats that will see you through into 2016, the after parties and beyond!

I will see you all again in 2016, fattened up and chilled out Swedish style…

Mia Tagg


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