Crunch Time!

It’s a short one this week, am in a bit of a hurry as we are back in our beloved Baltic Triangle for this weekend’s Food Slam

It’s that time of year again! Looking to reconnect with neglected friends and family members over the holidays and making big decisions of where to take pao! in 2016, and most taxingly perhaps, deciding how we go about getting there. Luckily, we have each other, and in this week of giving thanks I would like to tip my hat to the trinity of sisterhood that drives pao! Which is a bit soppy, but I am very proud to be a part of it, and am sincerely grateful to work with ladies with figurative brass balls and who are completely “bossed up” .

There are still tickets available for Sweet & Sour Food Power at the Baltic Bakehouse on the 12th December, there is limited tickets on sale, so get yours now!

In other exciting news, we will be part of th Kazimier’s NYE swansong, which is an honour and a privilege –  the Kazimier guys have added tremendous value to the city centre for those of us who prefer ingenuity and quality on a night out. With both Mello Mello and the Kazimier gone, the quirky charm of the Rope Walks of yore, will be a thing of future legend. The Kazimier is dead, long live the Kazimier (and the Invisible Wind Factory!) So, in addition to a spectacular line-up and production, we will be there feeding you all!

See you again next week!


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