Sweet & Sour Food Power

  We have just got back from a lovely catering job for the LaunchPad project organised by the Beautiful Ideas Co. at the Invisible Wind Factory. Some great things are in the pipeline and we can’t wait to play our part in it.

But you all know that we like to keep busy and keep our irons in many fires and feed as many of you as possible! A while back Sam from the Baltic Bakehouse asked us if we wanted to take over for an evening, which of course we would, and now it is happening!

On Saturday 12th December, we are putting on “Sweet & Sour Food Power” at the bakery and cooking up a storm of your chip shop favourites, with some high end surprises thrown in. It’s going to be a brilliant night and we have a license for the evening, so we will be able to make you proper drinks with booze in them! 

 We are in the process of getting the menu designed, but if you e-mail me, mia@paofoodpower.com, I will send you out a menu. 

If you want to jump straight in there and book, you can pay via PayPal or there will be some tickets for sale at the Baltic Bakehouse. 



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