Banh Mi

Banh MiOriginating on the streets of Saigon, the Banh Mi sandwich is a hybrid of French and Vietnamese cuisine, consisting of an airy baguette, pickled daikon and carrot, coriander, spicy chilli and a cool slivers of cucumber, accompanying a number of protein options. Our version is mixture of our favourite Vietnamese flavours – classic Vietnamese carrot & mooli pickle (our house pickle as it happens!) a pork and chicken liver pate, coriander, cucumber, chilli and slow roasted Vietnamese style pork belly and one of our most popular sauces, sriracha and lime.

We never leave the veggies out, everyone needs food joy! Our take on a vegetarian Bánh Mì includes crispy slices of tofu, house pickle, cucumber, shiitake mushroom pate and the powerful, homemade black pepper ketchup.

Both versions are enveloped within a French Corner baguette – let’s face it, if you’re going to make a sandwich, you may as well make it properly!

“Where can you get your hands on such a glorious thing?” I hear you ask. At the Food Slam this Friday, is the answer! So make your way down to Camp & Furnace for Friday’s Food Slam and get a Banh Mi in your face!



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